RCUK Classifications in EPrints

After some spreadsheet ‘tweaking’ I’ve moved our new data registry at Glasgow over to the new updated RCUK Classifications (see earlier post).


This allows us to use a up to date structured subject classification for all our datasets and potentially roll out into the full repository (Enlighten) at some stage.

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RCUK Classifications now Available from RCUK Website

Our friends at RCUK have made the subject classifications they use available direct from the RCUK website.

See the pdf and excel links at the bottom of the page:


We are using these in our fledgling data registry (ePrints based) at the University of Glasgow and may roll them out more widely in our repository.  I am also aware of a number of other organisations who are exploring using these subject classifications in their information systems include bespoke research systems and PURE.

These classifications seem popular as they cover a wide range of topics and the language is user-friendly and therefore more accessible to the general public and stakeholders who are not research organisations or funders.

I’ve suggested to RCUK that we think of a method of alerting those using the codes to any changes and also that it might be useful to have a unique id for each subject (we had to add one in our system).

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RCUK Classifications Used in Data Registry at University of Glasgow

We’ve used the RCUK classifications and code we created for the ‘Engage’ project in our data registry which we have just made live at the University of Glasgow.

Read more at:


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University of Glasgow Update

After discussion with our VP for Research and Enterprise and representatives from our Corporate Communications (web) team we are proceeding with some work running a few of the ‘research clusters’ in the University of Glasgow through the software tools developed during Engage to see how this portrays the research activity of each.  

Will update this blog with progress.

Last week we provided some materials about Engage and Encapsulate at the final workshops for:

IRIOS2 http://irios2.wordpress.com/

Cerif In Action http://cerifinaction.wordpress.com/

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Final Project Documentation

Hello All,

Here is our final project report.  The primary audience is University of Glasgow services and senior management however I thought it might be of use to other organisations.


The project has now come to an end however I do intend to publish one or two more blog posts to update the community on what is decided at the University of Glasgow.

We are interested to hear others views and what they are doing with research classification so feel free to comment below or email me direct at valerie.mccutcheon@glasgow.ac.uk


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Finding Collaborators

Further linkage found with our IRIOS2 project.  The IRIOS2 demonstrator includes functionality to find potential collaborators by searching for projects with specific topics (e.g. RCUK classification).  The demonstrator includes a correspondence system to allow staff to invite interest in collaborations.  


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Workshop Report

Here is the final version of the report from our workshop looking at ‘research themes’.


Our final report for the project will be available on this blog in the next few weeks.

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